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What you choose school furniture?

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Update time : 2021-08-25 16:05:56
What you choose school furniture?
School furniture distinguish from other furniture,the first important for us to think is the safety and healthy for students.As we know kids are future of a country,and they are the eyes focus of all parties,whatever people,government. 
School furniture take care of sizes matching for kids height,and be ergonomic design for kids. Even a tilting degree,will effect safety and have different feeling when sitting.
3rd point is that schools have to consider own students quantity and ages,for example,if there're many kids ages,their heights will be different,we will advise to choose adjusting items. If for high school or university,we will advise to choose stable items.
4th,have to check classroom size,this is a point to ignore.
5th,shipping cost to consider.
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